FN CEO Summit 2019

Event Recap

CEO Greg Petro: Insight is Power

CEO Greg Petro took the stage at the 2019 FN CEO Summit in Miami to present how to take calculated risks to maximize reward with data analytics. His presentation, Insight is Power, features examples of how customers Crocs, Deer Stags, and Wolverine Worldwide have used predictive analytics to increase customer engagement and make better product decisions. 


Using Data to Take Calculated Risks

CEO Greg Petro discusses the ways companies can increase their return by taking calculated risks using data.

Crocs | Customer Engagement

CEO Greg Petro shares how footwear company Crocs has increased customer engagement by 400%.

Deer Stags | Product & Price Innovation

CEO Greg Petro shares how Deer Stags has reinvented the boys slipper with product innovationleading to a 15% price increase. Click for more on Deer Stags.

Hush Puppies | Increasing Sales with Less Inventory


CEO Greg Petro presents how international Wolverine Worldwide brand, Hush Puppies, has increased sales and adoption on 40% less inventory using First Insight's data analytics. Click for more on Hush Puppies.

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