FDRA 2019 

Increasing Sales and Mitigating Risk through Customer Centric Merchandising

Greg Petro, CEO of First Insight and Greg Tunney, former President of Hush Puppies, Wolverine World Wide presented at FDRA 2019, discussing how Hush Puppies uses predictive analytics and consumer insights to reduce risk in their assortments, focus on winning products and improve pricing strategies in their business.

Greg Tunney | Using Consumer Insight Data to Serve Global Markets Successfully

Greg Tunney on how Hush Puppies uses First Insight data to understand and meet customer needs in international markets.

Greg Tunney | The Effects of Data on Hush Puppies' Business

Greg Tunney reviews metrics related to Hush Puppies' business performance and how those metrics have improved with the implementation of Customer-Centric Merchandising.

Greg Tunney | Predicting the Future to Reduce Markdowns and Optimize Inventory

Greg Tunney on the value of being able to predict the future -- no longer solely relying on historical data to make decisions about the future.


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