WWD Menswear Summit 2017

Event Recap


At this year's Men's Wear Summit, David Katz, CMO of Randa Accessories and Jim Shea, CCO of First Insight presented a compelling story, Product Differentiation: The Rising Tide In A Department Store 'Sea of Sameness.'

Product Differentiation: The Rising Tide In A Department Store 'Sea of Sameness'
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David Katz of Randa Accessories and Jim Shea of First Insight discuss the challenges retailers and wholesalers face with the selection, pricing and release of new products in today's discount culture. David demonstrates how First Insight has helped bridge the gap to their end-user using qualitative and quantitative data to make the best merchandising decisions for their business and their consumers.


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Clips from the Presentation

Maximizing the Value of Data

David Katz discusses how Randa utilizes a mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods combined with predictive analytics from First Insight to help inform new product pricing and marketing decisions.

Making Data-Driven Product Decisions

David Katz demonstrates how Randa uses First Insight to get actionable consumer data on product pricing and consumer value for new products yet to hit the market.

Accessing the Voice of the Customer

David Katz and Jim Shea discuss the challenges of reaching consumers as a wholesaler, and how First Insight helps Randa access the voice of their customer through their retail partners.

The Bridge Story

David elaborates on the importance of finding new methods to make data-driven decisions, stating that, "You can't navigate tomorrow's landscape with yesterday's maps."

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