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First Insight Panel Presentation Replay:
What is the future of brands? (Hint: it’s all about innovation)

WRC provided invaluable insights from many top retail leaders especially during our panel, What is the future of brands? (Hint: it’s all about innovation). Our executive panelists included Francesca Danzi, Chief Client Officer of Tory Burch; Rajiv Suri, CEO of Shoppers Stop, one of India’s largest retailers; and Phillippe Chainieux, CEO of MADE.com. Each leader shared a unique perspective on how to connect and interact with their customer bases through loyalty programs, personalization, and differentiated products. 


Watch the clips of this insightful panel below and download the full panel replay by filling out the form below.

Rajiv Suri | Retaining customers by focusing on serving current customers better 

Francesca Danzi | Using AI to predict intent and improve personalization


Philippe Chainieux | Taking risk to differentiate yourself from competitors


Rajiv Suri | How to utilize data to prepare for tomorrow’s customers today

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