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First Insight's digital product testing platform helps retailers and brands make the right product decisions with data-driven confidence. Our results are up to 100% more accurate than in-store testing and delivered with 24 to 48 hours - getting winning products to market 4-5 months faster.

  • Increase item sales per store/per week by 70%
  • 40% inventory reduction while increasing sales by 6%
  • 80% Improvement in New Offering Success Rate
  • 25% less markdowns

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Next-Gen Predictive Experience Management

First Insight’s Next-Gen Experience Management Platform provides a powerful, scalable, and easy-to-integrate solution that helps you create better retail products and inform all the business decisions you face.

Through advanced analytics including human computational modeling, Bayesian mathematical models, predictive analytics and APIs, First Insight’s platform represents a proven, breakthrough solution that helps you anticipate outcomes so you can build financial plans that you can achieve.

Customer Experience

Use predictive feedback from across the customer journey to create the experiences your customers want and value. Make data-driven decisions that will maximize customer loyalty and drive business results.

Product Experience

Create and offer the right product, right price, right quantity, and right promotion for your target consumer segments. Improve new offering success rates by up to 80%

Brand Experience

Build your brand with your target customers - and create loyalty that lasts. Optimize advertising, messaging, and imagery.

Employee Experience

Excite and motivate your employees by engaging them in developing your next-gen solutions, services, and brand experiences.

How it Works


1. Share your product or concept through the First Insight platform

Share a concept, product, or line with our easy-to-use tools designed specifically for the retail industry.


2. Collect qualitative and quantitative feedback from customers

Use your existing customer base or draw from our list of 100,000,000 respondents. Multi-channel feedback is collected and segmented based on the criteria and segments that matter to you.


3. Analyze results in 24 - 48 hours

We have the most sophisticated predictive AI and machine learning tools in the industry. Combine customer feedback with over 10 years of detailed consumer data for the highest level of certainty.


4. Predict winning concepts confidently and quickly

Get actionable results and dig deep into the findings. Receive segmented rankings of preference, pricing / value elasticity reports, and recommendations for improving your products.

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Our hundreds of customers experience an average of 4-10% margin gains and increased new product success rates. First Insight shows customers the quantified ROI from its next generation experience management platform. Schedule a demo to see it in action.

Highest Demonstrated ROI. Guaranteed.

Unparalleled Value Delivery and Lowest Total Cost Provider

Our industry-leading platform takes your retail operations from reactive to proactive. We empower you to anticipate how changes to your product, brand, or customer and customer experience will impact your bottom line.

80% Improve Product Success Rates by up to 80%
24 Hours Actionable Results in as Little as 24 Hours
25% Reduce Markdowns by Up to 25%
5 Months Get to Market 4-5 Months Faster
  • First Insight is now a critical element in our product decision-making process. By using First Insight to test items – both branded and private label - before making our buys, we are increasing speed to market of the right items

    Lee Belitsky, CFO
  • Now we can make fact-based decisions and do it more efficiently. We are never going back to the old way of conducting line reviews.

    Lucas Johnson, Sr. Brand Manager, Global Marketing
  • These results have implications on everything from commercialization and buy levels to marketing support and targeting.

    Ed Wunsch, Global VP of Marketing Strategy

Stop Reacting. Start Anticipating.

Clear Rankings

Discover which products are expected to overperform / underperform before rollout.

Improve Concepts

AI & Machine Learning powered interpretations of qualitative feedback help you identify opportunities for improving products.

Powerful Integrations

InsightCONNECT API allows you to integrate our tools with your existing ecosystem of solutions.

Digital Line Reviews

Review product lines remotely while making more informed decisions with our specialized tools.

Risk Alert

Identify potential controversial or offensive items based on keywords consumers provide in feedback comments.

International Support

Multi-language and multi-currency support empower you to make set prices for each region or country.

Elasticity Reports

Run different scenarios to predict success at different price points or with different features.

Segments & Personas

Build scenarios for different segments, personas, or roles to inform marketing and rollout strategies.

Mobile Reporting

Insights on the go! The First Insight app delivers actionable, real-time test results to your mobile device.

Ready to Get Started?

Our hundreds of customers experience an average of 4-10% margin gains and increased new product success rates. First Insight shows customers the quantified ROI from its next generation experience management platform. Schedule a demo to see it in action.