PI Apparel 2017

Event Recap

PI Apparel | NEW YORK 2017 Event Recap
Say Yes to the Dress

It’s tough to develop and pick successful new products. With new product failure rates well over 50%, even experienced designers and merchants struggle to launch products that will win in the market. Leveraging the power of predictive analytics, retailers and brands can identify which products will resonate best with customers and make better decisions armed with both history-based planning tools and the voice of the customer. During the 2017 PI Apparel Event in New York, our presenters had the opportunity to discuss how retailers can:

  • Reduce markdowns by more accurately forecasting demand, AUR price, and margin for each item
  • Shorten time to market, cut product testing costs, and increase new product success rates using customer-powered predictive analytics.

Say Yes to the Dress: 
How David’s Bridal Develops The Right Product,
At The Right Price, Faster With Predictive Analytics

Mark Chrystal, SVP and Chief Supply Chain Officer at David’s Bridal and Gretchen Jezerc, VP Marketing at First Insight discuss how incorporating the voice of the customer into assortment and planning decisions can significantly reduce markdowns and inventory costs.


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Clips from the Presentation

Getting the Right Product and the Right Price to the Right Customers

Using Qualitative and Quantitative Data to Make Better Design Decisions 

The Value of Accurate Insight & The Cost of Investing in Underperformers

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