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Learn how to see your customer with 20/20 vision at First Insight's Booth #5073.

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Let’s discuss how the First Insight digital product testing and decision-making platform helps retailers and brands put the voice of the customer, powered by machine learning and AI, at the center of their merchandising and marketing decisions.


Join us to find out how to make better decisions on what products to buy, how much to buy, how to price them, and how to target them to the right customers with the right offers.

Customer Speaker Sessions

Hear from our customers during 20-minute speaker sessions in our Booth #5073.

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Sean C Li Fung





Sean Coxall

President of Supply

Chain Solutions,

Li & Fung Limited


Janice Brown

President, Entertainment Licensing Group

Centric Brands, inc.


Dr. Mark Chrystal

Chief Analytics Officer,




Sunday, January 12

1:00 PM

Sunday, January 12

10:30 AM & 3:45 PM


Tuesday, January 14

1:00 PM



Monday, January 13

10:30 AM





Partner Speaker Sessions
Hear from our partners during 20-minute speaker sessions in our Booth #5073.
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greg flinn



Greg Flinn

Planning and Optimization  Product Solutions Manager,

Oracle Retail

Sergio Martinez




Sunday, January 12

2:00 PM

Monday, January 13

2:00 PM & 3:45 PM

Tuesday, January 14

10:30 AM



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NRF provides four unique Expo Tour experiences offering an in-depth study of retail technology across multiple business disciplines. First Insight has been selected as an NRF Expo Tour stop for a second year, this year on the Artificial Intelligence NRF Expo Tour for retailers. 


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