The Future of Footwear Retail:
A Roundtable Discussion on B&M 2.0,
E-commerce Evolution, and New Consumer Behaviors

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The Future of Footwear Retail: A Roundtable Discussion

Catch a glimpse of footwear retail's future by watching FDRA's roundtable discussion featuring leaders from RG Barry, Volumental and First Insight. The topics of discussion include new technologies changing business opportunities in stores and online, as well as changes in consumer behavior.

Featured Speakers:

- Charlie Holmes, Global VP, Retail Industry Solutions at First Insight
- Bob Mullaney, President & CEO at RG Barry
- Moritz Schiebold, CEO at Volumental

Moderated by FDRA's Senior VP,  Andy Polk


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Highlight Clips

Charlie Holmes - Improving Inventory Selection, Pricing & Buy Quantity for All Retail Channels

“We are seeing our customers really taking steps to make sure their inventory is right—whether it’s for brick-and-mortar or the whole omni-channel chain…it’s having the right product, priced right, available to the right customers.” - Charlie Holmes


Moritz Schiebold - Ecommerce & The Customer Journey

"The online shopping experience is going to be dramatically more immersive and exciting, and rich in information than the one we have right now." - Moritz Schiebold

Bob Mullaney - Ecommerce, Insights & Innovation

“Innovation and brand management to allow, engage, and really make people excited about your brand… is more critical than ever.” - Bob Mullaney

Charlie Holmes - Current Trends in Consumer Behavior

Charlie Holmes shares the top consumer trends impacting the footwear industry over the course of COVID-19.


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