Reducing Markdowns

First Insight enables brands and retailers to reduce markdowns by up to 25%

Excessive markdowns start with having the wrong product

Retailers are constantly challenged with a high percentage of products that require excessive markdowns, which erode margins, profit and even brand image.

Why do retailers and brands continue to be bogged down by markdowns? Markdowns-Callout.png

It starts with having the wrong product on the shelf.

First Insight has a proven solution that allows you to test new products early in the development process, enabling you to select the best products and price them right.

By selecting the right products and pricing them based on consumer feedback, First Insight enables you to:

  • Increase the percentage of full-price sales
  • Eliminate poor performing products before they go to market
  • Decrease your markdown rate by up to 25%

Customer Use Case

Department Markdown Percentage
Pre-First Insight
Markdown Percentage
With First Insight

Reduction in Markdowns with First Insight

Women's Footwear 20% 18% 11%
Men's Trousers 17% 12% 33%
Underwear 30% 21% 30%
Lingerie 27% 14% 46%
Women's Knitwear 27% 26% 4%
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